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Davey completes its engine-driven range

Davey Engine Driven Products


Leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fire-fighting and water-related equipment in Southern Africa Safequip reports that it has now completed the range of engine-driven pumps with the introduction of Floodfighter pumps and a Poly Pump designed to pump most agricultural chemicals.

Safequip’s product manager for Davey Water Products Malcolm Corns explains that with two new additional products it further enhances Davey’s engine-driven pump range.


Davey Floodfighter and Jumbo Floodfighter overview

The Floodfighter and Jumbo Floodfighter pumps are robust, self-priming, high-volume water mover pumps, with a large open impeller design, which is ideal for moving waste, fouled and muddy liquids with soft solids in suspension.

“It is great for floodwater removal, mine and construction site dewatering, tanker filling and water transfer. It moves large volumes of water, quickly, so can empty a 60 000 litre pool in half an hour.” explains Corns.

Flood Fighter Jumbo

Davey 3” and 4” Jumbo Floodfighters are ideal for moving large volumes of water without having to worry about what is in the water. The hefty open impeller design means these pumps can pump water with sand and small stones up to 50mm in diameter.

The Davey Jumbo Floodfighter's features include:

  • Move large amounts of water quickly – up to 2 200 litres per minute
  • Hefty open impeller design delivers high flow rates while substantially reducing the chance of jamming caused by the occasional piece of debris.
  • Able to pass soft solids in suspension up to 32 mm for the 3” (76.2 mm) models and up to 50 mm for the 4” (101.6 mm) models.
  • Easily transportable for a fast response to floodwater.
  • Self-priming to 7m for convenience.
  • Corrosion resistant, aluminium construction provides a durable long lasting pump.
  • Volute and impeller are made from cast self-hardening aluminium for extra durability.
  • Fast access inspection hatch for easy internal check for debris.
  • Three wing nuts allow easy removal of the internal volute assembly for quick debris removal without the need to uncouple pipes.
  • Driven by powerful and reliable Honda petrol or Hatz diesel engines.
  • All Honda and Hatz engines comply with European Community and US environmental protection agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions standards.
  • Engines are electric start with a recoil (hand) start back up (battery and leads are not included).
  • Honda petrol engines come with low oil shutoff protection.
  • Mounted on a sturdy roll frame incorporating a 4 mm baseplate and rubber mounts to dampen engine vibrations.


Davey Poly Pump overview

The Davey two inch or 50.8 mm self-priming centrifugal Poly Pump is manufactured from 30% glass filled polyester designed to pump most agricultural chemicals.

Davey Engine Driven Products

This pump is specifically designed to move aggressive chemicals, fertilisers and herbicides and even though other Davey pumps can also transfer such products, the Poly Pump is purpose built for the job and can do a wide variety of jobs from farm effluent removal to large scale herbicide applications to fire-fighting applications in almost any situation.

The Poly Pump is ideal for the high speed application of chemicals, fertilisers or herbicides at 800 litres per minute. In addition, the Poly Pump can also perform all the tasks of a Firefighter and Floodfighter.

The Davey Poly Pump's features include:

  • Provides high flow rates up to 800 litres per minute.
  • Constructed of strong 30% glass filled polyester components and EPDM elastomers to offer a wide range of liquid compatibility.
  • Lightweight with an integrated carry handle makes it easily portable.
  • Self-priming from 6.6 metres for more versatile installation options.
  • Powered by a Honda GX200 engine for superb performance and reliability.
  • The Honda engine conforms to the tough environment requirement of the USA EPA and CARB standards, to help look after the environment.

Corns explains that the complete engine-driven petrol and diesel Davey range includes twin and single versions for high flow or high pressure and are kitted with various makes of petrol and diesel engines. These products can all be configured to PTO or hydraulic versions, with the shaft available in all standard sizes.

Hydraulic configurations are very popular in southern Africa, because of their dependability and reliability. While the initial investment is slightly more than for a petrol version, the hydraulic conversion is ultimately very cost-effective.

Safequip’s signature range of skid units with Davey pumps are still very well received in southern Africa and a large number of these units have been in operation for several years.

Safequip Agriculture Sales

The skid units are available in different sized tanks which range between 300 litres to 700 litres. The units are designed for firefighting and are typically fitted on the back of a bakkie for use in veld and forest firefighting but can be used for a variety of different applications.

“These skid units play an essential role in forest management and are considered essential tools in forest firefighting fleets. Accessibility is key in fire prevention and having these mobile units’ available enables the firefighter to reach the fire quicker.” explains Corns

The Davey water pumps also differentiate Safequip’s skid units as the pumps not only supply a steady high pressured water flow but can also draw water from almost any available source. This feature ensures a continued water supply and reduces refilling rates.

Together with the Firefighter range, the Jumbo Floodfighter and the Poly Pump are already available in southern Africa and can be purchased through any approved Davey Master Dealers through the continent.

Corns concludes that the new developments from Davey reflects the manufacturer’s business culture of dependable, innovative water solutions, supported by the best service and advice.



For more information, please contact:

Malcolm Corns

Brand/Product Manager – Davey Water Products