Low water pressure isn’t a good way to start the day. You hop in expecting a wonderful deluge, but you get a pathetic drizzle. It can be a day-breaker. But the good news is, you're not helpless.

Pressure boosting systems are used to increase the pressure of a stored water source being supplied through a pipe and pump system. “Davey Water Products specializes in solving your water pressure problems with booster pumps and controllers to meet a wide range of applications for residential, commercial, irrigation and industrial use, writes Malcolm Corns Davey’s Product Brand Manager in Southern Africa.

The Torrium® 2 is an intelligent controller designed to supply pressure boosted water with constant flow and even water pressure to domestic households.

The pressure boosting products include the Davey HP, Davey HS, Davey HM, Davey XP, Davey XJ and Davey CT, which all feature the Davey Torrium® 2 smart controller. The controller is designed to supply pressure boosted water at a constant flow and also incorporates high level pump protection.


“With a Torrium® 2 system you’ll hardly notice the pump start. Better still while you are using water, like in the shower, the pump doesn’t cycle, overcoming those annoying temperature and pressure changes” says Corns.

If you run out of water, the last thing you need is a pump that continues to run without water. Intelligently, the Torrium® 2 detects a loss of water supply, which is referred to as prime, and shuts the systems down. What’s more it will Auto retry to re-establish prime if possible and Auto-restart on water flow return.

Torrium® 2 is equipped with a status indicator to make system fault finding quicker and more accurate. Torrium® can tell you if you have a slow filling toilet cistern, a loss of prime, a slow leak, low supply voltage, water over-temperature, even if someone has tried to bypass the Torrium®.



Other features of the Torrium 2 include:

A quick cut-in for even water pressure: It senses water demand quickly ensuring there is no lag in the supply, cutting in when the pressure has dropped to 80% of the previous top (shut-off) pressure.

Great hydraulic performance and dry run protection: It is designed with large pathways and has no moving parts. The design reduces energy waste and ensures the pumps performance is unaffected at high flow rates. Dry run protection prevents damage when the pump runs dry by stopping the pump.

Auto-retry and adaptive starting: Auto-retry enables the pump to reset itself after a loss of water, reducing system downtime. Adaptive starting adapts to reduce cut-in pressure when a small leak is detected.

For 80 years Davey Water Products has provided innovative and dependable water solutions with the best service and advice wherever and whenever our customers need them.

Now more than ever, low water pressure is a thing of the past with Davey’s innovative Torrium® 2 and range of home pressure boosting systems.



For more information, please contact:

Malcolm Corns  |  Brand/Product Manager – Davey Water Products