Safequip | Davey is addressing the issue of water treatment in Plumbing Africa Vol 20 No 11. Whether you’re treating rainwater or waste water, grey or black (or whichever other colour) – it’s important that you leave it to the professionals.

Davey have a water disinfection solution, right for you.  Our range includes manual dosing with liquid for rainwater tanks, to point of entry filtration and Ultra-Violet (UV) systems, that take the work out of regular monitoring. When you need the right option Davey makes it easy for you and easy for your customers.

– Easy to fit in different configurations

– Easy to get expert support from a dedicated Davey Master Dealer network throughout South Africa

– Easy to give your customers exactly what they need


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Malcolm Corns, brand product manager for Safequip is passionate about the company’s ability to provide products that will ensure safe drinkable water to the public.

Says Corns, “Davey has probably got one of the most extensive water product ranges in the world. It is much more than just fire-fighting equipment. It is a brand that offers solutions designed to solve specific problems such as the water drinking quality in South Africa. Our products are built to help lift water, treat it, use it and even move wastewater.”

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Continues Corns, “Municipal water is not always consistent and a lot of it that goes to homes or into the agricultural environment is not purified and there is therefore a real threat of diseases. Water treatment and water harvesting are becoming buzzwords in South Africa and at Safequip we have the right range of products for every need.”

These include products such as Aquashield and Microlene. The Davey Microlene Drinking water purifiers are under bench water purifiers for municipal and tank water supplies. It reduces and removed chlorine, chlorinamines, iron, hydrogen sulphide, heavy metals, lime and calcium hardness, and has the added effectiveness of removing unwanted odour. Independent lab tests indicate a 99.94% removal of nasty cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium making drinking water safer too.

AquaShield manufactures stormwater treatment systems used worldwide to protect sensitive receiving waters from the harmful effects of stormwater runoff. Says Corns, “The Aqua-Swirl hydrodynamic separator removes coarse sediment, debris and free-floating oil, while the Aqua-Filter is a treatment train device that combines hydrodynamic separation and filtration technologies for the most sensitive stormwater applications. The Aqua-Guardian catch basin insert provides an effective means of point source sediment removal and is ideal for smaller projects. A green infrastructure "tree box" solution is now available with the AquaShield Bio-Filter. This modular biofiltration device, along with the other AquaShield products, serve to enhance or complement many Low Impact Development (LID) design strategies. Construction sites and industrial facilities can also benefit from using the Go-Filter mobile treatment system to meet stringent water discharge limits and low turbidity levels.”
AquaShield also offers a line of products that provide technologies associated with surface infiltration, underground infiltration and Rainwater Harvesting Systems that use either above ground vessels or underground structures.

South Africa’s water challenges are becoming more onerous and South Africa is now at a point where the water situation is a major crisis. Concludes Corns, “We are rapidly running out of water and the water we are using is not adequately purified. The challenge is to conserve water and to make it safe to drink. I believe that South Africans need to realise the seriousness of the situation. It is time that South African embrace water conservation in all its facets.”

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