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Letter of Thanks from Chris Conradi, CEO of Afrifresh.      Wednesday 11 March 2015

Gené, my assistant, spent a frantic Wednesday morning last week phoning around to try and find me a fire extinguishing system that could assist with the very dire events that were unfolding on my property in Zwaanswyk, Tokai.

Being a farming organisation, we regulary deal with one type of emergency or another, but I find the events of Wednesday so special that I could not in good conscience let them go by without writing this note.

Chris,  your grasping of the situation and understanding of the urgency is without parallel.  I have rarely come across someone that can jump to action (and the correct action to boot) as quickly as you did.  From understanding the equipment needed to locating the supply and then escorting me in to save time, it is very very commendable.

Charles when Chris handed the ball to you, you did not disappoint.  What impressed me most at your establishment was your staff at reception identifying the urgency of the matter, to all the gentlemen in your storeroom and factory jumping to action and delivering the goods.

In a time of crisis many people jump to attention, not necessarily to help but to be the centre of the action –  this does not always get the job done.

In your company’s case it was very rare to see everyone just quietly and quickly getting every part needed, loading it and sending me on my way, no glory hounds or primadonnas anywhere in sight.  This was very impressive indeed.

The whole exercise from first phone call to Chris to opening water in Tokai took less than 3 hours;  Gentlemen that is impressive in any man’s book!

I truly appreciate everything you and your staff did for me and I hope your companies continue to grow from strength to strength.

Kindest regards

Chris Conradie