Protect against Veldfires today!

Veld Fires lead to severe environmental degradation if left unassisted during the summer time, this could lead to forest fires and cause great to damage to your property and valuables.

With SafeQuips Mobile Fire protection equipment this can lead to prevention of veld fires and is a reliable safety measure that protects both the environment as well as your assets.

Today considered the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fire fighting and water-related equipment in southern Africa, Safequip has for over three decades pioneered innovative solutions in various industries.

With an extensive range of SABS-approved products, fire fighting and water related equipment manufacturer and distributor, Safequip, delivers a one-stop shop solution for all fire fighting requirements, as well as products for the transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water, servicing some of the toughest environmental and climatic conditions on the continent.



More than meets the eye

Fitted with Davey’s legendary Firefighter pump, the SKID unit can be used for fire fighting, tanker to tanker water transfer, high head general water transfer, sheep jetting/washing/disinfecting, irrigation and boom spraying.

One of the value added benefits when it comes to using one of our SKID units for fire fighting, is that it can be used to transfer water from any kind of nearby water source to the tanker when its runs empty during fire fighting.

“For example if a fire fighter has a tank on the back of his bakkie, he can simply back up to a water source and use the skid unit in a transfer configuration to pump water into the tank, before switching it back into its fire fighting mode,” explains Koorts. He also explains that one of the biggest benefits is that the fire fighter doesn’t have to switch of the engine during this process and due to the overflow function can keep the engine running, while driving to the fire.

This same water transfer mobile fire protection function can be used to extinguish fires using water directly from the source and to move volumes of water in flood situations.



Pump solutions

Safequip will be making a limited range of products that both Davey and Safequip anticipate will strive in the southern African market.

The range will include home pressure systems, water transfer pumps, fire fighter pumps, flood fighter pumps, pressure tanks and water treatment units, rainwater harvesting and purification equipment, among other pump products and applications.

The flagship fire fighting products to be supplied by Safequip in the local market is the Davey Firefighter self-priming pumps range. The pumps are available in a single stage and high-powered single stage and the twin stage and high-powered twin stage variants.

Features of the Davey Firefighter pumps include a choice of three or four-way discharge port for easy installation with a choice of plumbing sizes. The units have a polyester coated pump casing exterior and interior, for added corrosion resistance, as well as self-priming of up to six and seven millimetres for more versatile installation options.

The Davey Firefighter range also has low-oil protection capability as engines won’t start or run if oil levels is inadequate thus protecting the engine. Electric start models have electric starter and recoil starter fitted, enabling a choice of starting method, even if the battery is flat or removed.

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Ideal pumps

The Davey portable fire fighter pumps and Safequip’s range of mobile skid units can be loaded onto bakkies and manoeuvred in difficult terrain making it ideally suited for South African conditions, reports Safequip.

The Davey fire fighter pump range has been widely used in South Africa for various applications, which include general water transfer and traditional fire fighting functions.

The pumps have a unique impeller design for longer seal life, reduced engine wear and easy access. Independently floating neck rings ensure optimal performance is maintained even after long periods of abuse. A thrust balance drum and equalisation holes in the impeller extend the engine life of the pump.


Pump configurations include

  • Single and twin stage models for higher and lower performance needs
  • Honda petrol or dedicated diesel engine options, making it ideal for areas without electricity
  • Hand (recoil) and electric start
  • Viton seals as an option for extended life in spraying applications
  • Choice of suction sizes of 3,8 centimetres to five centimetres
  • Bayonet style priming and drain ports for fast and easy access



Floodfighter pump

The engine driven flood fighter pumps manufactured by Davey will also be supplied by Safequip to the Southern African market.

The Davey Floodfighter pump is used in various applications including septic tank pump-out, tank filling, irrigation, water transfer and dewatering and is manufactured in either diesel and petrol engine. It features a heavy duty cast iron open impeller and diffuser to extend pump life when pumping dirty water with some solids content.

The Floodfighter pump is manufactured with a corrosion resistant marine-grade aluminium casing, suction and discharge port for longer life and feature mechanical shaft seal for long life. The diesel models are equipped with special hard-faced seals for extra-long life with dirty water and the units also have a powder coated, steel-roll frame with anti-vibration mounting for easy transport.

Davey is currently focusing on getting the support structure in order, says Dryden. He says that the company will continue to look at ways of expanding its product range in Southern Africa, while at the same time build up a suitable level of stock and dedicated support materials and services.

“There are enough similarities in the market to suggest that if we get it right in terms of product quality, supported by excellent service offered by Safequip, with us supporting their efforts, we will be successful in this market,” states Dryden.