Out of sight, out of mind is the way it has always been with tank water but that line of thinking is now changing. After all, why would you drink water that could potentially contain animal faeces as well as sediment, heavy metals and pesticides, when the cost of avoiding this is so reasonable? Often it’s not you but your children or your houseguests who end up getting sick. Many businesses such as B & B’s, restaurants and community schools are realizing the implications untreated water can cause.

As summer approaches E-coli and bacteria levels in rainwater tanks naturally increase as temperatures heat up. A clear signal that something isn’t right is an unpleasant taste or odour coming from your rainwater tank and water supply.

Fortunately, Davey has a way to give your family total peace of mind that will suit your situation and budget.


The Solutions

Aquashield Packaged Systems are an all in one water pressure and treatment system that provides safe, clean water to the whole house. A fully factory tested and assembled system, it is completely plug and play and includes a pump and Torrium controller, two stage filtration for sediment and cyst removal followed by a Steriflo UV system to neutralize any bacteria present in the supply. Aquashield packaged systems are also available with Davey RainBank for those using both tank and mains water as their water supply.

aquashield system layout and components

Aquashield Wall Mount Systems are for installations where a pump is already installed. The system contains the two stage filtration for sediment and cyst removal followed by a Steriflo UV system to neutralize any bacteria present in the supply. Ready to mount onto an external wall, it has water safety covered.

Aquashield Wall Mount System



Rainwater starts out clean, bacteria and virus free, but as soon as it hits a collecting surface like a roof top, dangerous bacteria can enter the water. Animal and bird droppings, dust, dirt and decaying vegetable matter like leaves can contaminate tank water. Each of these sources of contamination can lead to dangerous bacteria entering your water supply, like E. coli and streptococci.

Acquasafe uses patented technology to kill the bacteria and viruses that are harmful to people and animals and protects your tank from recontamination for up to two months.

Acquasafe is completely non-toxic and safe to use around your family. While most chemicals used for water disinfection are toxic (some are even known carcinogens), Acquasafe breaks down into oxygen and water.


Aquasafe for water disinfection is a cost effective means of treating bacteria present in rainwater tanks. Proven to kill over 170 types of bacteria and viruses it breaks down to oxygen and water so is safe to use in drinking water supplies. 

The formula is unique and patented and exclusively distributed by Davey for treating tank water.


For more information, please contact:

Malcolm Corns  |  Brand/Product Manager – Davey Water Products